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Informational News on Per Capita (April 2018)

Per Capita is sometimes a difficult term to explain so I have provided the links below to provide some tools to assist anyone in explaining Per Capita.

The Per Capita Rate for 2018 is $36.25 per member as reported on your last report to the Office of General Assembly [that would be 2016 report since 2017 is just now being completed and will be used for 2019 numbers and rate].

If you have not completed your report to GA in a timely manner, please contact either myself or our stated clerk, Keith Geckeler, to have your information updated.

For more information, please visit the below links:

Mission Pledge Forms

Click here for the 2018 Mission Pledge Combined Form.

2018 Budget

Click here for the 2018 Budget

More Information

For more information or accounting issues, please contact Earl Lavagnino E.A. –

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