First Presbyterian Church of Oakland – Community Events Manager

First Presbyterian Church of Oakland is looking for a new Community Events Manager to coordinate the many community groups who use their campus on a weekly basis. Specifically, First Presbyterian Church of Oakland is looking for a mission-oriented, part-time worker who can make their campus available for the following uses:

  • Weekly musical rehearsal / practice
  • Weekly community work groups and meetings
  • Seasonal concerts and events
  • Private parties (most weekends)
  • Other community-oriented events hosted at the First Church campus.

The work can be done remotely, though frequent public interface is required, as are weekly office hours. The total workload is estimated between 8-10 hours per week. This work consists of the following:

  • Give campus tours to interested campus users.
  • Manage the church’s MS Outlook calendar, keeping track of room availability and coordinating uses with
    multiple groups.
  • Manage the church’s promotion of its campus and hourly use. Invite shared use of space by outside
    groups through email and social media outreach.
  • Receive phone calls for one-time rental inquires and longer-term uses of space.
  • Manage email correspondence with campus users and potential campus users. Send and receive rental
  • Coordinate room usage and set-up with custodial and church staff.
  • Negotiate and manage rental agreements with campus users.
  • Receive payments and coordinate with the church bookkeeper.
  • Be kind, welcoming, and an ambassador for the church and its values of hospitality, generosity, and

The church is looking for a person with these experiences and traits:

  • Previous experience in the non-profit sector is helpful, but not required.
  • Must be committed to helping the congregation achieve its goal of community welcome through
    generosity, hospitality and inclusion.
  • Is polite, courteous, and patient with visitors and potential campus users.
  • Can work well with large teams and coordinate campus needs
  • Has excellent written and oral communication skills for email, phone calls, and in-person meetings
    (Spanish speaking is helpful, but not required).
  • Has the ability to manage room logistics for multiple user groups.
  • Experience with MS Word, MS Outlook and MS OneDrive for remote working is required.
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite software is preferred, but not required

How to apply:
Please send a one-page cover letter describing who you are and why this work appeals to you. Please also provide a one-page resume, including two references whom we may contact about your work-history or community involvement. You
may contact us if you have questions about this work. We will happily accept inquiries at
(no phone calls, please). We can also be available to give campus tours and to meet with you to describe the work in greater detail.

For full details and job description, please download this PDF.