Letter about COVID precautions and Indoor worship

Friday, FEBRUARY 12th

Letter about COVID precautions and Indoor worship

Dear Siblings and Friends:

On Feb 5th, the Supreme Court issued a decision on California’s ban on indoor worship services, stating that it cannot be upheld. What does this mean for church service in California? This means that indoor service is allowed at 25% capacity, with no singing or chanting (and no eating). Though this ruling was given by the Supreme Court, in California the County Health Departments can still issue more restrictions on indoor worship.

We encourage you to continue to follow:

  • the mandates of your County Health Departments
  • the guidelines and procedures of CAL OSHA directives around Safety and Cleanliness
  • check with your Church Insurance Liability around the Pandemic

Yes, we are slowly seeing the light beyond the tunnel, with the vaccine rollout and the decrease in percentages of COVID cases in the Bay Area, but please continue to be cautious. There are still many who are vulnerable in our midst: our elderly, our sisters & brothers of color to which this pandemic has affected more severely, those with weakened immune systems, those due to income or status do not have access to good or any health care (our immigrant/or undocumented siblings), and finally our frontline workers who need our care as they work hard for all of us. Please continue to be cautious and safe, as we will get through this together.

May Christ’s love and care be the same we share with one another.

Your Presbytery Leadership Team

Alameda County Public Health Department

Contra Costa Health Services

San Francisco Department of Public Health

San Mateo Department of Public Health

The CAL OSHA Guidelines This provides COVID-19 best-practices, with sanitation guidelines for businesses that serve the public (which include churches), and those protocols need to be either performed by the churches or else the churches need to ensure that the guidelines are being followed.

Sample of Safety Policy (Shared with PSF by First Presbyterian Church Burlingame) — Good example for good practices of all kinds, including sanitation.