Montclair Presbyterian Church – Godly Play Teacher

Montclair Presbyterian Church’s Godly Play Teacher will be responsible for providing our school-age children with a Sunday morning education program. The Teacher will support our growing and thriving program by providing a consistent, loving presence in our classroom most Sundays of the month. The Teacher will create a safe, sacred space within the Godly Play classroom where children learn to slow down, speak more quietly, talk to God, and listen to God. The Teacher will additionally be an advocate for “Godly Play philosophy.”

The Teacher will work three to four weeks a month for a total of 40-50 weeks per year, approximately 4 hours each week, and will be paid $100 per week worked.

During regular ministry time, hours are 9:30 am – 11:30 am on Sundays plus two additional flexible hours during the week to prepare the Sunday story or activity, organize story pieces and art materials, communicate with parents/families, attend occasional education committee meetings, and meet with staff and volunteers. Up to 16 hours of yearly Godly Play training will be provided (these hours paid at $25/hour). The Teacher is under the direct supervision of the Associate Pastor.

For a full job description with more details, please visit Montclair Presbyterian Church’s website: