Post-COVID Churching: The Tech Issue

Monday, FEBRUARY 15th

Post-COVID Churching: The Tech Issue

Dear Siblings in Ministry!

We are connecting with you to start looking into what Post-COVID churching looks like. As we are closing in on a full year of the pandemic, it looks like we will soon be entering a phase of indoor worship/work—WOO-HOO! Through this time, we have had to adapt to a new way of churching, while providing support to those under our care—all done with grace and intellect! We’ve been able to utilize technology to share in worship online, take care of session meetings while adhering to polity, and finally building and maintaining relationships through our shared ministry in Christ.

Now as we are starting to move towards re-opening, there’s a new question to consider—do we incorporate the technology we’ve utilized this past year into a hybrid form of church? Many of us have found value in the technology that provides for online /remote work—it’s given us ways to adapt and be nimble during change, the ability to reach out to homebound congregants, and created an avenue to provide ministry to folks who would otherwise not participate in any form of church.

We want to work with you to think about how to keep moving forward with what you’ve learned and how to incorporate it with “churching post-COVID”. Some questions we want you to consider:

  1. Are you looking to continue a hybrid of in-house and online worship?
  2. What kind of impact has online technology provided for your church (Some examples might be: more participation on committees, participation in worship service, donation giving)?
  3. Is you church currently setup to have a hybrid church service with livestreaming—equipment for both audio and visual, hardware and software?
  4. Does your church have the broadband/internet capacity in place, or will you need to upgrade to ensure smooth streaming?
  5. Do you have the technical admin support to offer a hybrid of online/in-house worship?
  6. Do have the funding source to implement the necessary hardware and software for hybrid worship?

These are some of the factors when considering Post-COVID churching, along with associated costs to do a hybrid. The costs are dependent on church needs and wants—addition and/ or upgrade of equipment /software; the costs seem to run between $4k-10k for setup. Monthly costs depend on the church—the size of building, internet cost, software licensing, technical staff, etc. These monthly costs can run between $200-$1000.

We have reached out to a few of our churches who have shared how a hybrid approach to worship post COVID can work. Please read the ATTACHED information.

If you would like to have a conversation about how your church might enter this hybrid phase, please connect with me. We plan to gather more information, possibly connect churches with each other to share experience with livestreaming, and potentially assist in connecting you with the best tech firm to help with your needs.

We want to continue to support your ministry—and we hope this helps!