Presbytery of SF – Partner of Mission and Church Assets

Presbytery of San Francisco

Partner for Mission and Church Assets (One-Year Position) Job Announcement February 14, 2022

The Presbytery of San Francisco seeks to hire a Partner for Mission and Church Assets to join the three-member Executive Partners leadership team for a one-year period (see Employment Terms below).

The Presbytery of San Francisco is managed by a team of three co-equal Executive Partners (Partner for Mission and Church Assets, Partner for Congregational Vitality and Clergy Support, Partner for Operations and Communication), who are contracted with the Presbytery through May 2023 under a Transitional Partnership Model. They work with a part-time Stated Clerk, two administrative staff and a part-time accountant.

In conjunction with the Executive Partners, the Finance and Property Oversight Committee (FPOC) and staff, the Partner for Mission and Church Assets will manage and direct business, financial, and legal affairs to protect the real and personal property assets of the Presbytery of San Francisco in furtherance of a clear vision which sees property as a tool for advancing the mission of Jesus Christ. The position will also oversee and implement financial strategy and planning, as well as assist congregations in better utilizing their property and resources to support their mission.

The position is accountable to the Mission and Vision Leadership (MVL) Committee through its Personnel Working Group as a member of the Executive Partners leadership team.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

The position serves three major groups – the Presbytery, pastors, and congregations – by performing the following responsibilities:

A. Oversee the Presbytery budget creation and implementation process, in conjunction with the Mission & Vision Leadership (MVL) Committee and the Executive Partners.

B. Manage business matters related to loans, property and finances with the denomination’s General Assembly and Synod.

C. Engage with pastors and congregational leaders regarding matters of finance, property, contract management, rental agreements, leases, loans and other business matters, congregational mergers and transitions, tax and legal matters.

D. Support and engage congregations to ensure corporate, nonprofit, and denominational compliance, including loans, tax filings, property taxes, etc., working closely with the contracted accountant and Presbytery Treasurer.

E. Direct the work of the accountant to ensure strong financial controls, accurate reporting, and effective recordkeeping, and assist the accountant with the annual financial audit.

F. Partner with outside consultants retained to assist with real property development, facilities maintenance, and capital improvements.

G. Work collaboratively with the Executive Partners to lead and provide pastoral and logistical support to pastors, congregations, and Presbytery committees.

H. In conjunction with the Presbytery Partners, proactively engage in crisis management within the Presbytery,

I. In conjunction with the Presbytery Partners, engage in the implementation of its Matthew 25 directives:

  1. Dismantling structural racism by enabling churches to become Matthew 25 congregations and working toward the racial balancing of all Presbytery committees;
  2. Working toward the eradication of systemic poverty, by facilitating financial support for struggling minority congregations, and establishing and working with a Presbytery-wide real church assets group, as well as regional real church assets groups, with focus on housing,
  3. Helping to build congregational vitality, by conducting regular reviews and periodic discussions with regional grant-making committees to align Matthew 25 efforts with Matthew 25 directives
  4. Partner with Presbytery leaders and staff to ensure the effective administration of operations, an inclusive workplace, and leadership of the Presbytery.

The Executive Partners will support and facilitate the Mission and Vision of the Presbytery along with its stated goals in the PC(USA) Matthew 25 initiative, focused on dismantling structural racism, eradicating systemic poverty, and building congregational vitality.

Employment Terms:

This is a full-time, salaried (exempt) position, with a salary of $81,500 (equivalent to the salaries of the other Partners), with an allowance toward health benefits. Contract for one year, June 1, 2022, through May 31, 2023, aligned with the Transitional Partnership Model, as approved by the Presbytery. Paid time off for holidays, paid vacation, and continuing education time as detailed in the employment contract. Job may be performed in a hybrid-work model, i.e. a combination of work on-site at the Presbytery offices and remotely, as needed, to accomplish work and collaborate with people most effectively.

How to Apply:

Submit resume by March 26, 2022, with cover letter by email to: (subject: Partner for Mission and Assets)  **NOTE:

The Presbytery of San Francisco is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

For a full job description, please download the following PDF.