Presbytery of the Redwoods: Part-Time Temporary Presbyter

Presbytery of the Redwoods is seeking a qualified candidate to fill their part-time position for a temporary Presbyter for Mission and Care. This position is 20 hours a week and the status is exempt.

Start Date: September 2020

Position: The Presbytery of the Redwoods is seeking a Temporary Presbyter for Mission and Care. The position is to provide overall pastoral, programmatic and organizational leadership and support for the Presbytery working in collaboration with the Temporary Stated Clerk by:

  • Providing pastoral support to pastors and congregations of the Presbytery.
  • Assisting pastors and congregations in times of change, transition or crisis.
  • Supporting committees of the Presbytery.
  • Acting as head of staff for the Presbytery.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Preferred:

  • Ability to nurture and encourage pastors and other church leadership
  • Organizational leadership
  • Teamwork and collaboration with staff
  • Leadership of organizational change
  • Maintain the atmosphere values,
  • Ability to maintain culture and characteristics of the Presbytery of the Redwoods
  • Master of the art of agreeing and disagreeing

Who to Contact:  Individuals interested in the position may contact the Rev Linda S. Powers (Personnel Chair, Presbytery of the Redwoods) for a detailed position description and additional details.  All materials are due by June 22. Rev Powers may be reached .