Sturge Presbyterian Church – Solo Pastor

Sturge Presbyterian Church is seeking a full-time Pastor for a small Asian Presbyterian church with a rich history wishing to expand and become a welcoming multicultural, multigenerational vibrant church serving our community and nurturing new and seasoned believers. Our candidate will have strong preaching skills, able to give effective, inspiring, clear, and relatable sermons acknowledging current events around us. They are a visionary, able to discern God’s will alongside the church, seeing ahead clearly, staying focused on the larger picture, and anticipating future consequences. Our candidate will be a great communicator, have exceptional interpersonal skills, and be a bridge builder. We are seeking someone for the long term, eager to meet the challenge and make this journey with us.

Responsibilities (include but not limited to):

  • Deliver inspiring, meaningful, relatable, sermons, with practical applications to daily life and current events, that broadens the congregation’s understanding of Scripture, deepens their relationship with Christ as Savior, and draws people in. The Worship committee will find a replacement speaker or video for planned pastor absences.
  • Collaborate with Worship Ministry team and Music Director to provide engaging and uplifting worship services that lead others to Christ
  • Conduct or resource study groups (Initially will be led by lay leaders)
  • Conduct funeral/memorial services
  • Train and support leaders to further the mission of the church

Interested candidates can contact the Sturge Pastor Nominating Committee at:

For a full job description please visit the Sturge Presbyterian website at: