Sturge Presbyterian Church – Webmaster/Graphic Designer

Sturge Presbyterian Church is seeking qualified applicants for a Webmaster/Graphic Designer position. This is a part-time position for approximately 10 hours a week at $15/20 per hour.

This person will improve our website and presence on social media.
Position Summary: Oversees website operations and all graphic design for the organization’s digital messaging. Essential Functions: Serves as in-house graphic designer providing artistic direction for all digital messaging in conjunction with the vision of the Church Session. Designs and produces landing pages, email campaigns, banners, static and rich emails, social media content, and other marketing and communication material. Specific duties at the start: upgrade the church website, upgrade the church’s presence on Facebook and create a presence on other relevant media. Also edit and upload worship videos to YouTube weekly. We will also expect creative suggestions for improving our visibility on digital media.

This person will be accountable to the Head of Staff and to the Administrative Assistant. A background check is required.

The Rev. Dr. Don Smith, 510.305.9475
Mrs. Brenda Lu, Administrative Assistant, 650.344.6803