Update from your Presbytery Partners

Monday, September 20th

Update from your Presbytery Partners

Dear Siblings of PSF,

It’s been a few weeks now that we lost our dear partner and friend, Rev. Leonard Nielson. He is now with the eternal Divine, a place where it seems that he worked from constantly while his feet touched the ground. We wanted to connect with you all earlier but needed time to grieve the sudden loss of our beloved partner, time that all who were cared for by Leonard– needed. As we reflected on Leonard’s time with us, we can clearly see the consistency of his love of God and love for the Presbytery in the work he put forth with us. With this important understanding, we want to make sure we continue this care together, in the spirit to which we partners carry and support the ministry of the Presbytery.

When we began this journey as the three Executive Partners of the Presbytery in May of 2020, we each brought our expertise/gifts to the work. How now shall we balance the missing factor in this embodied unit? We all knew that Leonard brought pastoral skills in Finance and property and his wealth of experience as a contractor and an architect. These gifts were so perfectly combined and well suited for his work with our Presbytery. So how are we to manage in the upcoming months within this vacuum left by Leonard? As Presbyterians, we are a connectional church, which was true of our work as executive partners. We have realized that not only his expertise that we valued but also the connectional relationships he built around us. We are grateful for these relationships since we have found the help we need in the short to mid-term.

We have connected with our legal counsel to deal with legal issues around property and trusts in several ongoing projects in our congregations. We have contacted and will work closely with DCG Strategies, a firm specializing in Real Estate and Assets, and with which we have worked closely in the last five years to make sure several other projects go smoothly. We have met with our accountant and treasurer and will continue to meet regularly to make sure finances are in order, and that daily and weekly financial activities go smoothly. We are also working closely with MVL (Mission Vision and Leadership), Personnel, and FPOC (Finance, Property Oversight Committee) to see the best way to continue during this time and discern the next steps. As the last year in a half has taught us, relationship and care are essential; it helps in weathering through the unknown. We want to share the following video as to how Personnel will continue to support the work of the partners and the Presbytery as a whole: https://vimeo.com/609390863

We are in this ministry together in God, and we will use this time wisely to navigate the next steps. Our service with the Presbytery has always been important, and we know that with God’s grace we will walk in this way, always.

A Memorial Service for Leonard (via Zoom) will be held on Sat, October 16th at 11am–an email with more information will be forthcoming.​​

In Christ’s Peace,
~Jennifer and InHo