Clerks of Session

Important Dates for Clerks of Session:

FOR the 2018 Statistical Reporting  —

Statistical Reporting Tools Information

  1. SPANISH version
  2. KOREAN version
  3. ENGLISH version

If you need help with login and password, please email the Presbytery at .


FOR 2018 Clerk’s Annual Questionaire (CAQ) —

  • CAQ sent to church clerks mid-Sept
  • Deadline for submission Thursday, November 15, 2018
  • Reports available January 31, 2019

What is the CAQ and why?
How much have PC(USA) congregations been able to offer sick leave or parenting leave to their pastors and any other employees? How might the denomination fine-tune its Christian education curriculum to fit the needs of congregations more closely?

These are questions that clerks of session of PC(USA) congregations can help the denomination answer by participating in the Clerk’s Annual Questionnaire (CAQ) 2018. This afternoon the PC(USA) Research Services team is inviting clerks whose presbyteries (like yours) provided us with an email address to respond to this survey. Other presbyteries have agreed to give their clerks information about the questionnaire themselves.

This questionnaire informs PC(USA) agencies about what congregations are doing and what their needs are. The deadline for completing the questionnaire will be Thursday, November 15.

The survey will allow clerks to skip questions that do not apply to their congregation. It will also permit them to print a paper copy of the survey first. Printing a paper copy might help clerks or, if they prefer, clerks and colleagues sketch out their responses before typing them into the web survey.


Helpful Resources:

  • Congregations Retention Schedule
  • Online Training videos and Powerpoint resources for Clerks of Session (from The Presbytery of Hudson River)
  • Book of Order 2019-2021
  • Session Minutes Review Form
    (If you would like to schedule your Minutes review outside of Presbytery Meeting-Contact

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