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Self Development of the People (SDOP)

SDOP, a Tri-Presbytery Committee
Presbyteries of the Redwoods, San Francisco, and San Jose

The Self-Development of People program of the Presbyterian Church (USA) offers local and national grants to organizations helping poor people overcome poverty and oppression. The organizations must be grassroots, operated mostly by the people being helped. Grants are awarded after reviewing a group’s application and visiting to evaluate the organization.

For more information: SDOP Handout.

Committee members: Rev. Gerardo Palacios Garcia, Gail Young, Jonelle Crow and Ginger Smyly


Anne Penke Fund

Committee members: Jonelle Chow and Bob Kraut


Presbytery Associates

Presbytery Associates serve as a liaison between the Presbytery and the congregation/pastor of a church or churches in stressful circumstances (financial, membership, facilities etc.).

Presbytery Associates help to further actualize the Presbytery’s partnership with and support of congregations by intentionally deploying human resources to that end.

For more information:    Ministry of Presbytery Associates      Presbytery Associate Liaison Timeline

Chair: Rev. Greg Chan

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