Mission and Vision Leadership

Mission and Vision Leadership Committee (MVL)

The Mission & Vision Leadership (MVL) provides strategic vision and direction to help the Presbytery realize its priorities and live into its purpose. We are the team that takes the “balcony” view of the landscape.
Committee Chair: Mustapha Baksh
Committee Email:
Meeting Times: Last Weds. of each month at 1pm

Presbytery Meetings Working Group

Designs Presbytery meetings to be effective in supporting the mission and goals of the Presbytery. Recommends meeting schedule, finds sites, establishes the docket, coordinates worship, facilitates relationship-building and educational opportunities during the meeting, regularly reviews meeting format for effectiveness. Additionally consults with the Regional Meetings, as needed.
Working Group Chair: Phyllis Givens
Committee Email:
Meeting Times: Generally, on Tuesdays, two weeks before a Presbytery meeting, a week after a Presbytery meeting, and as needed.

Personnel Working Group (PWG)

Provides oversight and support for Presbytery staff; recommends personnel policies, staff design, compensation, and job descriptions; conducts annual performance reviews.
Acting Working Group Chairs: Claudia Perkins and Lori Yamauchi
Committee Email:
Meeting Times: Third Thursday of the month at 11am

Partnership Working Group

Encourages and facilitates partnerships among congregations that support their mission.
Working Group Chair: Doug Chin
Committee Email:
Meeting Times: Third Thursday of the month at 7 pm

Our Priorities

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New Worshipping Communities

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