New Worshiping Communities

Celebrating Our New Worshiping Communities

  1. Korean fellowship NWC at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Berkeley
  2. Hayward First sponsors ComeBeDoGo NWC in Castro Valley
  3. Good News Korean in San Francisco sponsors an English language NWC
  4. Primera Iglesia in Oakland sponsors a Spanish Language NWC
  5. Hayward First is sponsoring The Fellowship Church NWC in San Leandro
  6. Hayward First is sponsoring Smalltown Society NWC in Castro Valley/Hayward
  7. Justice House sponsored by First Presbyterian Church of Hayward, ministry based in Oakland
  8. CDRJ (CASA DE DIOS ROCA DE JACOB) is sponsored by First Presbyterian Church of Concord, ministry based in Concord
  9. Lyrical Assembly NWC 

Sean Chow  is our new Regional Representative from 1001 NWCs.  If your congregation is considering starting an NWC, please contact the presbytery office.

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