2019 Triennium Report

Presbytery Delegation: 10 churches sent 14 youth and 7 adults, plus a young adult on work crew, 3 small group leaders & 3 drama team participants: SF was well represented!

“Triennium was a good experience because I got to meet youth from all over the world. I enjoyed being in the small group I was part of.”

— Ian, youth from Chinatown Pres.

“What I found wonderful was the theme consistency & the diversity.”

— Hiroko, chaperone from Christ United Pres.

“My experience of Triennium was very empowering and unique because it challenged me in very different ways that I wouldn’t have experienced at home. While the weather in Indiana was excruciating, it was wonderful to come to a place with so many passionate youths who have the same faith.”

— Miya, youth from Christ United

To read more great quotes from the Triennium delegation, please download this PDF!

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