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Central Bay Meetings

Central Bay Congregations:

Alameda Korean, First Alameda, Calvary Berkeley, First Berkeley, St. John’s Berkeley, Immanual, Irvington, First Hayward, New Bridges, Chinese Oakland, College Avenue, Elmhurst, Faith, First Oakland, Montclair, Park Blvd., Primera Iglesia, First Newark, First Richmond, Sojourner Truth, Bethel, Christ and First San Leandro.

The Central Region will use our designated Fund 2 monies for grants to create, nurture and expand concrete mission projects from our region that stimulate, empower and bring about missional church action rooted in our common established values.

ESTABLISHED VALUES: Ministry Projects in which we will invest our resources of time, money and human skill shall respond to one or more of our established values. They shall be:

  • an existing ministry with an established track record in need of expansion OR a new and exciting opportunity for mission-ministry;
  • doable/feasible as well as viable/sustainable efforts;
  • share the Gospel / reach the unreached with the good news of God in Christ;
  • advance the proclamation of the gospel through justice-related actions or ministries relating to material, social, or relational well-being;
  • be a joint ministry of collaboration among at least two or more congregations and/or organizations rooted in our region.
  • respond to a root cause or need that manifests itself locally and/or beyond, in a hands on or collaborative manner;
  • excite and involve a core group of people from our region in ministry, mission, and relationship-building.
  • Central Region monies WILL NOT fund proposals which simply seek to copy another church’s or organization’s successful ministry or program, without regard to the proposed context.

CENTRAL BAY REGION Updated Information: 2022


August 5, 2020 Zoom Call Regional meeting Minutes

First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley & City Team Project around homelessness and employment:

First Presbytery Berkeley City Team Grant Proposal

St. John’s Presbyterian Church (Berkeley) & Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana Video around immigration needs:

St. John’s and PIPH Grant Proposal

Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana & La Ceiba Academy video on ESL classes:

PIPH La Ceiba ESL Grant Proposal

Some of the creative collaborative ministries that we have empowered financially include:

To read the entirety of the Central Regional Funding and Criteria, download the Central Region Charter

Our regional team operates under the Regional Mission Partnership-Framework for Decision Making Fund Distribution – as established by our Presbytery. You can read that HERE.

To read the process of grant review for the Central Region, please click here.

If you’d like to download a copy of the Grant Application you can do so here: PDF | WORD DOC

NOTES/MINUTES From Previous Regional Meetings:

Our Regional Peer Review Team was unanimously elected by our region at our meeting of 2.22.2019

They include:
• Elder Ron Fong (Irvington Presbyterian),
• Rev. Kamal Hassan (Sojourner Truth, Richmond),
• CLP Irma Hernandez (Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana Hispana de Oakland)
• Elder Susanne Lea (Montclair Presbyterian, Oakland),
• Rev. Monte McClain (College Avenue Presbyterian, Oakland),
• Rev. Lauren Patrus-Betzel (First Presbyterian, San Leandro).

If you have any questions or comments, please email:  or email if you would like to be included on the Central Region Contact list.


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