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PSF Re-opening Update Letter (October 6, 2020)

As counties are moving into the next phases of the shelter in place order and partial opening of the places of worship, we want to remind and point you to some issues and requirement that we will all need to think and pray through together. Please read thoroughly the “best practices” guidelines from the State of California for keeping houses of worship safe during the pandemic. Continued…

Past Communications

  • PSF is working to find ways to support our churches now and in the upcoming months. One immediate way is through grants:
    Emergency grant guidelines & application — PSF has established an emergency assistance fund for our churches financially affected by this pandemic.  If your church needs this grant, please fill out the application and include financial information starting from January  to the current month.
    Benevolence aid guidelines and form — The Presbytery has established Benevolence Aid for churches to help assist those in their congregation who may need financial support—food needs, rental assistance, etc.
    Letter of Financial Assistance to our Presbytery of SF Churches

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