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Commissioned Ruling Elders (CRE-CP) Program

Commissioned Ruling Elders (CRE-CP) Program

We’re excited to offer this foundational curriculum for the preparation of our next class of Commissioned Ruling Elders (CREs) and Commissioned Pastors (CPs) for Particular Pastoral Service. The individual classes are open to auditing and recommended for any and all church leaders for personal growth and development. The formal program for commissioning is open to ordained elders in the PCUSA. Candidates for commissioning must come under the care of a minister of word and sacrament, complete a minimum of 12 of the course offerings (three from each area of study), as well as any experiential learning requirements deemed necessary for the particular pastoral service that is being pursued.

What course offerings are currently planned? (*Required for all CRE candidates.)

To see the 2023 and 2024 dates and flyer click here.

Introduction for New Students

• *Reformed Theology
• Soteriology
• Theological Diversity
• Missional Ecclesiology

Practical Ministry
• *Multi-Cultural Church Leadership
• Community-Based Mission
• Organizational Leadership
•  Liturgy Development

Pastoral Care and Ministry
• *PCUSA Church Polity
• Pastoral Counseling
• Pastoral Self-Care
• Peacemaking
• Homiletics

Biblical Studies
• *Hermeneutics
• Overview of the Bible
• Biblical Exegesis
• Comparative Religions

Additional Information

Who is eligible to attend?  Any church leader interested in furthering his or her understanding of  the Christian faith may attend any and all classes by pre-registration as long as space allows.  Only ordained elders in the Presbyterian Church may apply for consideration as CRE-CP.

What is the cost of each class and what are the requirements?  For individuals auditing the course, the cost is $40/class and there are no class requirements, though there will be highly recommended readings before each class. For CREs, the cost is $100/class and there will be pre- and post-reading and writing assignments. CREs are required to attend and complete all assignments for at least 12 of the 16 classes offered. Pre-registration is required for all classes.

What is the level of commitment for CRE-CP Candidates?  Approximately 15-30 hours/month for 12-16 months. This includes 5-10 hours of class preparation (usually readings), 10 hours of instruction, and 5-10 hours of post-class written and/or practicum assignment. CRE candidates come under the care of their local Session, must be supervised by a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbytery in which they will serve, and may be required to participate in directed experiential learning that further prepares the candidate for a specific ministry area.

Where are the classes held?  Classes are offered monthly, usually on the second weekend but with some exceptions. Most classes will be offered by Zoom from 7 PM-9 PM on Thursday and Friday evenings and in-person (available on-line for long distance participants) 9:00 AM-4:30 PM on Saturdays unless otherwise stated. In-person classes will be held at the Presbytery of San Francisco Education Center at 545 Ashbury Ave, El Cerrito, and at other locations in the San Francisco Bay Area as determined by the needs of the class members and instructors.

For more information:

contact , CRE-CP or Rev. Dr. .

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