Commissioned Ruling Elders (CRE/CLP) Program

Announcing the 2021 -2022 Course Offering

We’re excited to offer this foundational curriculum for the preparation of our next class of  Commissioned Ruling Elders (CREs), AKA Commissioned Lay Pastors (CLPs) for Particular Pastoral  Service. Each class is additionally open to any and all church leaders for personal growth and development.

Upcoming Classes

  • April 2022   April 7-9: Comparing World Religions with Reverends Ben Daniel and Will McGarvey
  • May 2022 May 12-14: Soteriology and Reformed Theology Part 2 with Reverend Doctor Greg Love
  • June 2022 June 9-11 Theological Diversity with Reverend Kamal Hassan

What’s new with the CRE/CLP program?

Sixteen classes are being offered among four major areas of study. CLP candidates will be required to complete requirements for 12 of 16 course offerings and 3 within each major area of emphasis. There are four specific classes, one in each are of study, that are required of all candidates. Additionally:

  • An introductory session is required of each student prior to the 16 class offerings
  • All offer in-person classes as conditions allow.

What course offerings are currently planned? (*required)

• *Reformed Theology
• Decolonizing Theology
• Soteriology
• Theological Diversity

Practical Ministry
• *Multi-Cultural Church Leadership
• Community-Based Mission
• Organizational Leadership
• Understanding the American Church Landscape
• A Liturgy for Today

Pastoral Care and Ministry
• *PCUSA Church Polity
• Pastoral Counseling
• Pastoral Self-Care
• Homiletics

Biblical Studies
• *Hermeneutics
• Old Testament Introduction
• New Testament Introduction
• Comparative Religions

Questions and Answers for the 2021 -2022 CRE/CLP Course

Who is eligible to attend? Any church leader interested in furthering his or her understanding of  the Christian faith may attend any and all classes by pre-registration as long as space allows.  Only ordained elders in the Presbyterian Church may apply for consideration as CRE/CLP.

What is the cost of each class and what are the requirements? For pastors and church leaders auditing the course, the cost is $40/class and there are no class requirements, though there will be highly recommended readings before each class. For CRE/CLPs, the cost is $100/class and there will be pre- and post-reading and writing assignments. CRE/CLPs are required to attend and complete all assignments for the introductory session and at least 12 of the 16 classes offered between February, 2021 and May, 2022.

When are classes offered? Each class is offered the second weekend of each month, typically from 7PM- 10PM on Friday evenings and 8:30AM-3:30PM on Saturdays unless otherwise stated. We are working on a modified schedule to minimize the fatigue of long virtual meetings.

Where are the classes held? Classes will be held on-line via Zoom for the foreseeable future due to the current pandemic. In-person classes, if we are able to move to them, will primarily be held at the Presbytery of San Francisco Education Center at 545 Ashbury Ave, El Cerrito and at other locations in the Bay Area as determined by the needs of the class members. Class attendees will have the option of digitally attending all classes, even if we move to an in-person format.

Where do I get more information? Registration, class schedule, application forms, instructor bios, and more are being finalized and will be on the Presbytery of San Francisco Website

CRE/CLP applicants or questions
Contact CLP or Reverend .

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