Nominating Committee/Committee of Representation

The Nominating Committee (NOM)/ Committee on Representation (COR) nominates presbytery officers, members of Mission and Vision Leadership and its working groups, Standing Committees, members of certain Synod bodies, and G.A. commissioners.  The committee is intentional around making sure there is diversity, inclusiveness of perspectives and parity in the selection process.

Currently, membership on most standing committees requires ordination (as either a ruling or a teaching elder); members of Working Groups can be members of congregations as well as officers.

All the work of the presbytery, in supporting minister members and congregational ministry, is done through committees and working groups. We together are the presbytery; and San Francisco Presbytery has a place to use your gifts!

Service on presbytery committees will help you

  • Learn about neighboring churches and their challenges and best practices.
  • Meet fellow Presbyterians you’ll be glad to know.
  • Get to know, work with, and value people with whom you may not always agree.
  • Serve Christ’s church beyond your own congregation.

To suggest someone for service – or to nominate yourself, please email the committee.

NOM Committee Chair: Rev. Brian Cochran
NOM Committee Chair: Rick Leong
Committee email:
Meeting times:  Third Thursday of the Month at 9:05 a.m.

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