Marda Quon Stothers

Marda Quon Stothers Marda Quon Stothers was commissioned to ministry in 2008, when she with her husband worked in the North and South Belfast Presbyteries in Northern Ireland as faith based volunteers. She continues her ministry as a Board Member of WP313, Treasurer for OWA/DP, a co-chair for a Catholic/Protestant based Caregiver Support Group, managing owner of ADX the Christian Sorority at the UCB campus. She served as a member of the SF Presbytery’s Finance and Property Oversight Committee (FPOC).

Marda is a licensed (retired) architect, with extraordinary technical and management skills and competence, including her financial, real property, and architectural design and construction work in the public and private sectors. Most notably, she served as a civilian Division Chief for Military and Environmental Programs in the US Army Corps of Engineers, as well as Division Chief for Technical Engineering and Construction. She also established a planning and environmental program to manage assets of the US Coast Guard west of the Mississippi.

She has also worked extensively within professional and nonprofit organizations in collaborative leadership with professional and laypeople. Marda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from UCLA and a Masters degree in Management from Stanford University.
Marda is committed to diversity and the practice of justice, coming from a multidisciplinary and multi-cultural background, and most recently, as a trained facilitator in Kaleidoscope Institute’s “Gracious Leadership” and “Holy Currencies”, created by the Rev. Dr. Eric Law. She has been a dedicated and active participant in the Presbytery’s anti-racism programs and her own church’s racial justice programs.

Marda possesses strong interpersonal skills and a deep Christian faith; she is a good listener, while able to bring people together to solve problems, build consensus and move forward. She has very strong written and speaking skills, in both small and large group settings. She has a big picture understanding and view of the SF Presbytery and its member churches’ assets, and will encourage visionary thinking, balanced against the realities facing the Presbytery. Marda has a strong sense of call to the Partner position, bringing both her skills and self to serve.

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