PSF Round 2 of COVID Grants

The Presbytery of San Francisco understands that COVID-19 continues to dictate how we must manage our lives. As our Presbytery continues to hope and pray to get to the other side of this, we are also aware of the pandemic’s financial impact on our churches and congregants. Given this, PSF has opened a second round of COVID grant aid that was first made available in April. We hope that this will be helpful in the months ahead.

COVID Benevolence Grants (for congregant’s immediate needs)

Each Congregation and each NWC is eligible to apply for a first-time Covid Benevolence Grant of up to $2k. This is in addition to the $1k or $2k grants made in April which were not solicited by the churches.

Each Congregation and each NWC who has already received a Covid Benevolence Grant is eligible to apply for a second benevolence grant. Congregations may apply for up to $2k more, and NWC’s can apply for up to $1k more.

Please contact Jennifer to apply for a first or second round Covid Benevolence Grant. When you apply, please indicate your intent for using this grant.

Benevolence aid guidelines and form — The Presbytery has established Benevolence Aid for churches to help assist those in their congregation who may need financial support—food needs, rental assistance, etc.

COVID Emergency Assistance Grants (needs based)

Each Congregation and each NWC who has not yet applied for a needs-based Covid Assistance Grant, up to $10k, is still eligible to do so. Please use the grant application on the Presbytery of San Francisco website. These grants are in addition to the Benevolence Grants and in addition to the $5k grants made in April which were not solicited by the churches.

Each Congregation who has already received a needs-based Covid Assistance Grant of up to $10k is eligible to apply for a second Covid Assistance Grant of up to $10k.  Please fill out the grant application again, provide monthly financials since the last time your church applied until the present (you do not need to resubmit the first set of financials included in your first  application, AND  Please answer the six questions below:

  1. How did you use the first $10k grant (and the original unsolicited $5k grant as well)?
  2. What’s your financial strategy going forward given that Covid and closure are here for a while?
  3. What is your current level of assets, and how much have you drawn down any reserves?
  4. What is your anticipated financial need over the next six months?
  5. Are you considering reductions in costs, staff, etc ?
  6. Are you looking at reopening costs, including staying online as a part of your worship services even as you worship in person?

Emergency grant guidelines & application — PSF has established an emergency assistance fund for our churches financially affected by this pandemic. If your church needs this grant, please fill out the application and include financial information starting from January to the current month. Send to covid19grants@sfpby.org

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