Stewardship Corner with your Accountant Spring 2018

Greetings to all the Ministries of the Presbytery of San Francisco

In my last article I provided information on the financial welfare of the Presbytery as of June 30, 2017. It is too early in 2018 to give you good information on how 2018 is doing so I am going to recap 2017 as the year ended.

Overall the Presbytery ended 2017 with a surplus of $58,297 compared to our planned surplus of $3,441. Mission Support income was $32,168 below budget while Per Capita income was $63,570 over budget, mostly due to receiving prior year payments in 2017. The remainder of our income was mostly from receipt of $515,270 in dismissed ministry and draws from Presbytery Investments. Due to the remarkable market performance in 2017 our net increase in both realized and unrealized earnings grew by $1,129,213 during the year after all distributions and expenses. This puts the Presbytery in a very favorable position going into 2018 to be able to expand on the ministry work God has planned for us as a connected ministry.

Please keep in mind the wonderful community work we can accomplish as a Presbytery through our mission support programs. There is a tremendous need in our world and our communities and together we can provide a greater impact on those challenges. Please pray on how Christ wants your congregation to respond with the resources in time, talent and treasure and then respond accordingly. If you are not receiving monthly mission statements, please and I will find out why.

I have offered and I am willing to provide Church Treasurer Workshops in the Presbytery. I tentatively have in mind to offer three workshops; one for each geographical area, West, Mid, and East. The workshops are normally on Saturdays and run five hours from 9am to 2pm. Here are some dates that I have available to provide this training: May 12th; June 9th and July 14th. If your church would be willing to host one of these events, please contact me. I would only need the ability to show a powerpoint presentation. A minimum attendance of 10 persons makes these events more beneficial for all.

Other notes: Don’t forget to check the websites and for links to forms and information to assist you in your ministry.

May God bless your ministry abundantly,

Earl Lavagnino E.A.

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