Stewardship Corner with your Accountant Summer 2018

Greetings to all the Ministries of the Presbytery of San Francisco

Below I am providing a snapshot of the financial status for the Presbytery through April 30th.

  Actual Budget
Budgeted Income $299,210 $302,592
Budgeted Expense $261,247 $248,209
Net $37,962 $54,383

Overall the Presbytery ended the quarter with a surplus however less than planned. Mission Support income was over budget by $1,705 while Per Capita was $5,139 less than planned.

I will continue to bring up the support for our Mission work here at the Presbytery and in our congregations. Mission giving statements will be sent out tomorrow June 14th via email and if you do not receive yours, please email me, and I will try to correct it.

I am very excited to report that our Church Treasurer Workshop on Saturday June 9th was fabulous. We had over 20 persons in attendance and I could tell from the questions asked that everyone was very dedicated to serving the Lord in their ministry with the talents God has given them. I have uploaded all the content of the presentation minus my voice to

Reminder to Church Treasurers, it is time to begin work on the budget for 2019 if you are on a calendar fiscal year. If your ministry has not started saving your data and reports electronically, I would highly suggest you get started on that process. If you are not quite sure how to proceed, send me an email and I will provide you with some ideas.

Other notes; Don’t forget to check the websites and for links to forms and information to assist you in your ministry.

May God bless your ministry abundantly,

Earl Lavagnino E.A.

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