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Frustrated, overwhelmed, and saddened by what is happening with immigrants on our borders?

Frustrated, overwhelmed, and saddened by what is happening with immigrants on our borders? Take that energy and use if for good. Make a positive response by joining us and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to give travel bags and comfort items for asylum-seeking families.  These families must take long bus journeys from Arizona to destinations across the U.S., where they will join relatives or friends.  As the situation stand now, people are left at churches, community centers, on the streets with literally nothing and have to find their way to their families.

The travel bags will include a specific list of items, such as travel blankets, inflatable pillows, wipes, coloring books, playing cards and small flashlights. Our goal is to fill travel bags for four families with the items that the IRC has requested.  The items range from travel blankets and pillows, reusable water bottles, cliff bars, wet wipes, travel kits for children, a hand towel and wash cloth, chap stick to name just a few items.   . We estimate that each travel bag with contents will cost $200.  Old First wants to at least get 5 bags sent to the border..

With you donated funds our We Choose Welcome team will do the shopping. When the drive is completed, we will have a “packing party” at coffee hour on Sunday, August 18 to fill the travel bags, so we can get them to the IRC! If you help by making a donation, you can write a check to Old First with We Choose Welcome in the memo line, donate on-line at Be sure to select We Choose Welcome.  You can also send 50.00 dollar Visa Gift cards that will be included in the travel packs  to 1751 Sacramento Street, San Francisco California, 94109.

Any amount of gift would be welcomed-Together we will make a difference

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