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13 thoughts on “IAT Test

  1. “Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for African American children compared to European American children.”

    I have no children of my own. I am White.

  2. The debriefing said I had little or no automatic preference between European American children and African American children.

  3. My test results are that I have no automatic preference between EA & AF children. I have received this same result when I took the test a couple years ago. Honestly, I am surprised as I expect that I would have a preference for EA children. I am white and have lived in a predominately white part of Oakland for over 35 years. I also believe that all the negative media images of persons of color over the years would have influenced my test results. It makes me wonder how accurate the test is.

  4. “Slight preference for European American.”
    I thought my results had more to do with left/right hand coordination!
    Is it possible to really know for sure?

  5. Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for European American children compared to African American children

    I had a bit of trouble with hand eye coordination, but I accept the result. It’s not what I wanted to see, but at least I know now. I was also bummed the the phycologists suggested there is not much you can do to compensate on an individual level. I guess this speaks to changing the system.

  6. My results also showed a slight preference for African-American children, similar to when I took the adult version of this test a few years ago. I was a little skeptical then, since I’m of European ancestry. This makes me curious to see how I fare on other versions of the test (e.g., male vs. female, abled vs. disabled).

  7. My data suggest a slight preference for EA children over AA children. O found it difficult to go quickly when two qualities were used, and several times i had errors in my response (red X) from trying to go too fast. So I wonder if I took the test again and made sure I tapped the correct response if I would have the same result? I am Chinese American and grew up in a mostly white affluent community with parents who wanted to assimilate to the white culture.

  8. My results say I have a moderate automatic preference for European American children compared to African American Children. While this is not my automatic assumption of what I believe and value, it is the point of understanding the Implicit Bias. At one level, I ask how can I not be having grown up white, lower middle class, privileged, advantaged. I listened to a good TED talk (that I am not sure was part of the Brownicity presentation or if it just followed on YouTube) about a female exec discussing her discovery of her bias against female execs. What a gift to uncover, discover and then be able to act on or as she said “not missing the opportunity to see the world differently. Her experience was created by the serendipity of being asked to undertake the same work on behalf of a male exec and a female exec contemporaneously. She discovered her disparate reaction. Since that serendipity doesn’t always occur, she developed a “trick”: flip it to test it. EG are you as happy to root for the Cleveland Caucasians as the Cleveland Indians. Or does a twitter post I am not concerned about being called a policewoman, we are all professionals signed Joe Smith policewoman.
    I took the psychologists comment about change at the individual level to mean that we aren’t going to erase all the deepseated and automatically triggered memories decades of culture and experience have ingrained in us. Therefore we have to be intentional and specific about creating practices, procedures and awareness to guide our actions.

  9. Mine says I have a moderate automatic preference for European American children compared to African American children. But I think it happens because of the words not the pictures of the children.

  10. I demonstrated a strong automatic preference for European American children over African American children, this result is shocking but I guess shows the subconsciousness of implicit bias. The test felt hard to take and I felt clumsy at it. wow. thanks for this opportunity and I will keep on pressing on to dismantle structural racism.

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