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International Peacemaker Rev. Arlington Trotman’s Bay Area Visit

International Peacemaker Rev. Arlington Trotman’s Bay Area Visit, September 23 to October 2

International peacemaker Rev. Arlington Trotman, an immigrant to the United Kingdom and a leader in the struggle for racial justice in England and Europe, will visit the Bay Area to engage with our congregations from September 23 to October 2. Your church can be part of the conversation!

Rev. Trotman stands in a line of peacemakers from around the world that the Presbyterian Mission Agency has brought to the U.S. to interpret issues of peace and justice. These visits have informed us, opened our hearts and minds, touched our lives, established relationships, and inspired new ministries. By sharing stories of their work and witness, peacemakers help us understand peace and justice concerns around the world and provide insights that can inspire us to greater faithfulness.

Rev. Trotman is well equipped to speak to issues of peace and justice, and he has much to share with us. Born in Barbados, he immigrated to England at age 17. Under British colonial rule, he received only an elementary education in Barbados, but he saw his life as a Christian transformed in England. He enrolled in college and eventually became a Methodist minister. Many of his most important leadership posts have been with ecumenical organizations, such as the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) and Churches’ Commission for Racial Justice (CCRJ).

In the U.S, overt racism and conflicts over migration and our asylum program mirror similar issues that Rev. Trotman has faced in England and Europe, particularly since the 2015 Syrian refugee crisis and the Brexit controversy.

Rev. Trotman will arrive on September 23 and depart on October 2. Opportunities to engage with him are limited only by our imagination! Not counting Rev. Trotman’s arrival and departure days, we will have him seven days, and many openings are available.

  • Invite leaders in your Presbytery Region or your community to meet him?
  • Invite Rev. Trotman to a Bible study group meeting?
  • Invite him to an interfaith group meeting?
  • He is a Methodist minister; can you introduce him to a Methodist minister you know?
  • A coffee with several pastors?
  • A wine and cheese gathering?
  • A small group seminar or conversation?
  • A casual breakfast or lunch?
  • A potluck dinner in a home or church?
  • • A scenic walk or drive?
  • • Let him spend a night or two in your home? (Yes, we need housing for him, and some local transportation, too.)

Please help us take full advantage of Rev. Trotman’s visit! Karen Vied, (925) 455-0133, , and Mary Russell, Mary Russell: (415) 771-5787, , welcome all inquiries and ideas. Please contact one of them today.