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ONE VILLAGE PRESENTS “Nzuri Concert” – Swahili for Beautiful


“Nzuri Concert” – Swahili for Beautiful

September 17, 2022 – Kabuki Hotel, SF – Reserve your seat today!

On behalf of  Be Well Community Center (NWC), you are cordially invited to experience an evening of music storytelling and discovery – the story of Nzuri, and the triumph of the human spirit. Our story – Our Triumph.
This is an invitation to all who have been touched by suicide (directly or indirectly).

Be Well has partnered with OneVillage to provide tangible resources throughout cities where individuals may come together, hear and experience a message of hope (regardless the outcome) and even community!
Join us for an epic acoustic soul performance by multi-instrumentalist producer, filmmaker, artists and composer, Due’Lyric at the Kabuki in San Francisco, Saturday, September 17, 2022 from 6:30pm-8:30pm (18+). Scholarships are available! For more information please email at:

If we see our beauty, it cancels self hate, answers bullying, and interrupts suicidal thoughts.
So this concert is about finding our beauty and living into that. Seeing beauty outside of yourself and celebrating that. Recognizing beauty in the person next to you and saying that.

– Due’Lyric