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PSF Post-Election Gathering: The Struggle Continues

The election results are in and we have new leadership that is calling for a “time to heal in America… to restore a spirit of civility, decency and compromise to the White House. ”  Not only are these words hopeful but also reflect who we, as Americans, have chosen to lead us in the next 4 years.  We have President-elect Joe Biden, who has the experience and the empathy to shepherd our nation as our Consoler and Chief.  We also have a new Vice president-elect, Kamala Harris, the first woman VP, a strong Black and South Asian bi-racial American, a daughter of a single mother who was a scientist, a child of immigrants, and an Oaklander born and bred.  This new day is hope with a big “H”!

These are the first collective steps in transformational healing.  We must continue to move forward if love, equality, and justice is to prevail.

The Presbytery of SF is  inviting you to continue the journey with us.

Our next event is:

“Post Election Gathering:  The Struggle Continues”