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Presbytery of SF mourns the loss of Houston Hodges

by Jerry Van Marter | Special to Presbyterian News Service

LOUISVILLE — When Houston Hodges — a dyed-in-the-wool rural Texan — accepted a call to serve as associate executive presbyter for the Presbytery of San Francisco in the mid-1970s, the most daunting part of the job was navigating Bay Area traffic.

The maelstrom caused him so much anxiety and irritation that his wife, Pat, gave him a present: an “engine exploder.” A plastic red button so labeled with adhesive on the back to attach it to the dashboard of his car, the instructions were simple: “When you spot a car driving horribly, push the button and picture the car’s engine exploding and coasting to the side of the road in a cloud of blue smoke.” Pat swore that Houston’s “engine exploder” did wonders for Houston’s temper and blood pressure. He wore the print off the button.

The Rev. J. Houston Hodges — pastor, church executive, teacher, writer and editor — died June 6 in Huntsville, Alabama, at age 89.

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