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Retreat–Holy Currencies Training

Holy Currencies Training
Wednesday September 21st
8:30 to 1:15 at First Presbyterian Church Hayward

The “Holy Currencies” leadership training will be held on Wednesday September 21st from 8:30 to 1:15 at First Presbyterian Church Hayward in their newly renovated sanctuary for hybrid worship.  For those who can come in person there will be coffee and croissants to start.  9 am to noon will be training on Holy Currencies facilitated by Julie Boleyn, Eric Law, Linda Young and Nayoung Ha from Kaleidoscope Institute.  At 12:15 Aaron Horner, Director of Community Outreach and the team at FPCH will show us their campus and tell us how they developed their ministries.

Please use this link to register your attendance on September 21st.
This is a free Session open to all leaders in your churches. FYI the in-person count is 14 in a church that holds 200 so feel free to come in person if you can.


Learn more about the program HERE