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Trinity Presbyterian Church: Lectures by Lisa Sharon Harper

This spring you and your community are invited to hear Ms. Lisa Sharon Harper at Trinity Presbyterian Church in San Carlos, CA. From Ferguson to New York to Germany and South Africa, Ms. Harper leads trainings and helps mobilize clergy and community leaders around shared values for the common good.

A prolific speaker, writer and activist, Ms. Harper is the founder and president of, a consulting group dedicated to shrinking the narrative gap in our nation by convening forums and experiences that bring common understanding, common commitment, and common action toward a just world. On March 9, Ms. Harper will give two interactive lectures at Trinity Presbyterian Church in San Carlos, CA. The first lecture, Race and Politics in the U.S., will trace the narrative of the creation of the political construct of race, its impact on U.S. public policy, and its implications on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The second lecture, Matthew 25: The Sheep, The Goats and The Just Ones, will dig deep into the concept of equity and outline the requirements of justice for those whom the Father speaks “well of.”

Ms. Harper is the author of several books and is frequent contributor on Sojourner magazine

If you have questions about the event, please email Pastor Kurt Heineman of Trinity and you can get tickets for the event here