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A Message from Marda Q. Stothers, Executive Partner

A Message from Marda Q. Stothers, Transitional Executive Partner for Mission and Church Assets

Greeting Presbytery of San Francisco congregations, pastors, siblings and friends!

Here are the important November announcements, invitations and unique opportunity offerings throughout our Presbytery. Please click here if you have an event you would like added to our next update!

I recommend Rev Yoo’s book which some of us are studying with Rev Kamal Hassan on Wednesday evenings. It is an in-depth study of the Presbyterian actions during abolition.

The churches who have assembled Teams to be part of the first cohort of KI Holy Currencies incubation are:

  • First Pres, Alameda
  • Chinese Presbyterian Oakland with Christ Church, San Leandro
  • Breakfast Program at Irvington, Fremont Ygnacio Valley PC
  • Sojourner Truth PC, Richmond
  • Noe Valley Ministries, SF
  • St James, SF

If anyone is available to journey with any of these church teams, please make yourself known. If anyone is curious about the value of the incubation process, please journey with us by contacting the leaders or talk to me.

I’m thankful for your support. I’m thankful for diverse voices focused on God’s missional sustainable work in our midst.

Marda Quon Stothers