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A Message from Marda Q. Stothers, Executive Partner

A Message from Marda Q. Stothers, Transitional Executive Partner for Mission and Church Assets

Greetings Presbytery! This week I am aware of the excellent job by the Personnel Working Group (PWG) to convene a Selection Committee for a new Executive Partner for Operations and Communications.  Thank you to those who have considered our need, and to those who have applied. Our Team of three (3) partners will be operational after mid-November. 

Thank you to those who supported the Holy Currencies leadership training at First Presbyterian Church Hayward and the recruitment of churches to go through the first cohort of incubation for sustainable missional projects.  There will be a 2 hour Incubation Kick Off Meeting (via Zoom) on Wednesday 9 November from 6:30-8:30 pm for the incubation church teams.  All are welcome to sit in to learn.  There will be a day and a half Retreat at San Francisco Theological Seminary on 2-3 December.  Attendance priority is for the incubation church teams, for PSF leadership staff, MVL, and FPOC leadership and any others if space permits.

Please reach out to me early if you have any questions or plan to submit to the Finance Property Oversight Committee (FPOC) for issues of major repair or renovation, leasing or sale of property.  If my professional skills can be helpful, be in touch.  I am willing to work with you.

I am pursuing a solar contract to enable all our churches to obtain solar systems at no cost and leveraging volume to get the best deal.  This is very important to us as we seek to reduce our contribution to global warming.

Thank you to all of you who have welcomed me to this position.  I am continually grateful.

Marda Quon Stothers