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Central Region Meeting- August 5th @ 7pm

Presbytery of San Francisco
Central Region Zoom Meeting | August 5, 2020 at 7:00 pm

Join us for a Zoom Meeting  of our Central Region of the Presbytery of San Francisco as we vote to approve 3 grant proposals that have passed through our peer review process and now require a regional vote to move forwards.

These grant applications for creative & collaborative ministries include:

  1. First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley partnering with City Team Oakland around the City Team Turning Point Women’s Program seeking to empower neighbors experiencing homelessness, poverty, hunger, and addiction to find employment and stable housing.
  2. Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana partnering with La Ceiba Academia to create an ESL language curriculum and developing an on-line school. By linking ESL classes to other “extracurricular activities,” we not only hope to retain students but to create avenues for additional sources of funding from revenue from our other online classes. We have already pulled together staff from four countries (USA, Guatemala, Columbia, Rwanda) who have shown dedication and belief in this project for a number of years.
  3. St John’s Presbyterian Church partnering with Primera Iglesia to develop a local response to immigrant needs (legal, physical and socio-emotional) from the base of PIPH.

**We need at least 12 of our 23 congregations to be present to have a quorum.**

Our meeting will last for roughly 30 minutes.  We’ll hear a concise introduction to each project from those proposing it and then vote on approving them with some potential virtual celebration to conclude it all.

Register Here for August 5th ZOOM meeting

If you have questions in advance of the meeting contact the Regional Peer Review Team Chair, Rev. Monte McClain at 

Download meeting details HERE.