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East Regional Gathering – September 11th

Important Information for the East Regional Gathering – September 11th

At the September 11th Presbytery meeting at 4:30 PM we will be breaking into our Regional Groups once more. After working with the MVL group of the Presbytery, our small committee that had the charge of developing the criteria for the Fund 2 monies has reworked the criteria for application for this missional funds. We have also developed an application worksheet and a process plan for how to apply for the monies.

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT WE HAVE FULL PARTICIPATION FROM ALL THE CHURCHES IN THE EAST REGION in order to vote on these three documents. The three documents are attached, so that you can take them to your sessions for discussion as well.

UPDATE:  The East Region last met on Tuesday, Sept 11, 2018.  As per the conversations around Regional Funding and Criteria, the following documents are available:

If your church is unable to have an elder or pastor representative attend the September 11th regional breakout session at 4:30 PM, we ask that you please contact Lauren Gully, () Jon Myers () or Barbara Barkley () with your comments and questions. We need all churches in the East Region to be part of developing, discerning and approving the use of these funds. Please send any comments or questions you may have.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
St. John’s Presbyterian Church of San Francisco
25 Lake Street, San Francisco 94118