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Journey Groups Program For Ministers and CLPs (2019-2020)

Presbytery of SF and Journey Groups Ministry want to
support you in your ministry!

Program Year

This nine-month ministry provides confidential, safe space to:
• Experience God’s love,
• Explore your spirituality and questions,
• Experience a variety of spiritual practices,
• Discern the shape of ministry to which you are called, and
• Make authentic connections with other pastors.

It includes:
• Beginning two-night retreat, September 22-24,  for rest, renewal,
introduction to several classical spiritual practices and meeting
your pastors group,
• Seven monthly half-day retreats with your pastors’ group guided
by a spiritual director,
• Optional, monthly individual sessions with a spiritual director,
• A closing retreat in June 2020 to reflect on the journey and
what is to come.

Your Commitment:
• Attend opening and closing retreats,
• Make your Pastor’s Group gatherings a priority.

Goals of this Ministry

Participants will:

  • Connect experientially through Christian practices to the work
    of God in their lives,
  •  Enjoy confidential and nurturing space to discover and explore
    hopes, ideas, questions and concerns,
  • Connect with other pastors to develop community in which to be
    authentic and find support,
  • Experience rest and spiritual refreshment,
    5. Discern new possibilities in ministry and life and the changes
    this may require,
  • Discover sustaining spiritual practices and gain sufficient
    practice in one or two practices so they become habits and

Cost: The Presbytery of San Francisco, in support of you and your ministry, covers the costs. Should you choose to include individual spiritual direction sessions, you are asked to pay a portion of the expense.

The cohort for the coming nine month ministry is forming.
Register here
Maximum number of participants: 25
DEADLINE: Friday, August 16, 2019!

For more information about the Journey Group Program:

Contact Rev. Ruth T. West