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2019 NAPC Biennial Invitation

The NAPC Assembly will be held on July 30-31.  We will start with the dinner on Tuesday, July 30, and close before lunch at noon on Wednesday, July 31.

Please also attend the Convocation for Communities of Color on July 31- Aug 1.  It will start with lunch on Wednesday, July 31 and close with lunch on Thursday, Aug 1.

 Big Tent is from 3:30 pm on Thursday, Aug 1, to 2 pm on Saturday, Aug 3.

 NAPC members can apply for scholarship for attending July 30-Aug 3, from NAPC Assembly through Big Tent: $400 per person, up to 3 persons per caucus. 

NAPC registration fee is $30, Convocation is $100. Big Tent is @$95, not including lodging and meals.  However the meals are included for NAPC and the Convocation.  

 More details information:

 Register for NAPC, Convocation and Big Tent:

When you book the lodging on registration of Big Tent, you may ask to arrange a roommate for you. Or both of you give roommate’s name at the time of booking. So the hotel will arrange as you wish.

 Scholarship application form, please email to apply. Deadline is June 25.