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Transitional Executive Presbyter- Presbytery of San Francisco

Please help us find our new Transitional Executive Presbyter by sharing the TEP Job Description with those you think might be a good fit or know someone who can share the job description with others.

Transitional Executive Presbyter: FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

The Presbytery of San Francisco is looking for an Ordained Minister of the Word and Sacrament, with at least 10+ years of ministry experience who will supervise one teaching or ruling elder (the Associate Transitional Executive Presbyter). We are looking for someone with both parish and mid-council experience, as well as someone with experience in multi-cultural urban settings. Due to the important and intense nature of this position, we expect this work to take at least two to three years and would hope that the person filling this position would stay until the long-term Executive Presbyter is hired. This person will not be eligible for the Executive Presbyter role.

How to apply:

To apply for this position, please send the following to Priority will be given to applications received by March 29, 2024.

  1. Resume
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Diversity Statement (no more than 1200 words): A diversity statement outlines how you will contribute to the Presbytery of San Francisco’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). It’s an opportunity for you to:
    • Discuss your understanding of the varied experiences of people from minoritized and/or underrepresented groups.
    • Talk about your lived experiences or your experiences collaborating with diverse groups throughout your vocational career and beyond.
    • Outline a vision of how you, as a Executive Presbyter, would make contributions to DEI in the future.
  4. Narrative Questions: As a part of your application, please respond to the following questions. Limit your answers to 1000 characters per question, including spaces and punctuation.
    • How do your particular gifts, experiences, and training help you in the ministry setting you believe God is calling you.
    • Explain with theological details what areas of ministry you value most in your calling.
    • Describe a moment when you have “served using your energy, intelligence, imagination and love”, that led change positively.
    • Please describe how have you dealt with failure or disappointment before.
    • Describe a moment in your recent ministry that you recognize as one of effectiveness and fulfillment.

Background Links:

Recognizing that the Presbytery is an extreme position of transition we created the Leadership Model Task Force to evaluate where we have been and where we might be able to go. Recognizing the heart of this work and living into the flexibility and goals these documents propose will be a big part of the work to come.