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What Should We Be Doing?

In light of recent events–What Should We Be Doing? The following wisdom was shared by Rev. Dr. Charles D. Tinsley, Honorably Retired:

Urge the Presbytery Community to:

  1. Be in prayer for the families of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.
  2. Support peaceful protest; condemn violence and public calls for violence no matter the source, including POTUS.
  3. Seek to become more informed. Why would the governor of Minnesota state: “Being black in America cannot be a death sentence. But it is. And it’s dangerous to pretend otherwise.”   (Black people know!)        
  4. Advocate for and support police-community relations/communications, community policing, greater community participation in oversight and standards in the criminal and juvenile justice systems.
  5. Demand accountability; promote justice and peace.
  6. Support elimination of barriers to reentry; enhanced education and job training programs in low income and targeted communities.
  7. Vote responsibly and with empathy as though the life of the republic depends on it. It does…